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A Beautiful Surprise Proposal At Bixby Bridge | Thais & Gabriel

Beautiful Surprise Proposal At Bixby Bridge with Big Sur fog hovering over the bridge in the background as the man gets down on one knee to propose by film photographer AGS Photo Art

As a local Big Sur proposal photographer, I can say with full confidence that a surprise proposal at the beautiful Bixby Creek Bridge is a magical occasion! It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most photographed bridges in California! Right on Old Coast Road, the beautiful Bixby Creek Bridge made for Gabriel and Thais’ perfect proposal location because of it’s special meaning to them as a couple. Keep reading for this amazing love story and their coastline adventure photos!

portrait shots of the couple during their surprise proposal with the Bixby Bridge in the background by film photographer AGS Photo Art
fog coming down the green Big Sur mountains as the couple looks at their rings from the surprise proposal
couple hand in hand and arm in arm after their surprise proposal at the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, focused shot on the fiancée's ring
neutral shades of green in the mountains and the couple in dark denim happily holding hands on the path by film photographer AGS Photo Art
the woman embracing her fiancé after his surprise proposal in Big Sur, CA on the Bixby Bridge by film photographer AGS Photo Art

How They Met

“We met back in Brazil during college in 2009 when I was a sophomore and she was just starting her first year. We would flirt and talk for hours and hours in between and after classes, so we ended up getting to know each other very well before we even dated. This went on for almost the entire semester until we had our first kiss. A few months later we started dating. We’ll celebrate 10 years together next March! I remember having this exhilarating, happy feeling when I met her, thinking that I still had most of my undergrad to go and that I would get to spend it with her by my side.

But after less than two years I broke up with her before an exchange program I was about to begin. Worst decision in my life. After I came back home, I said I was sorry and begged her to come back with me. I wrote her a letter even before I was back to express how sorry I was and how much I wanted her back in my life. It took some months but she eventually agreed to go back together. She says that she forgave me but she never forgets…” – Gabriel

green cliffs and rolling fog in the background of the couple hand in hand
couple laying happily in the sand and laughing then walking out arm in arm along the Big Sur shoreline by film photographer AGS Photo Art
couple sharing a kiss while laying in the sandd, then the man gives his fiancée a piggyback ride and they grin at one another by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Their Love Story

couple happily playing on the sands of a beach in Big Sur, CA the man gives his smiling fiancée a piggyback ride

Stupid, early 20s decisions aside, that same feeling kept coming back when we moved to the US together. That feeling that I still get so much time to spend, so many plans, trips, memories, good (and bad) days, with her by my side.

I love what a great companion Thais is, either for a great adventure or trip together, or simply to spend a lazy Sunday at home. She’s so caring and loyal to me, and to all people who are important to her. She loves family and wants to build one. I love her laugh and I love to be a goofball making silly jokes just to make her laugh. She loves when I caress her hair and I don’t mind that she asks for it every day. We share the same values, tastes and we never fight. I admire her as a woman, as a professional. We grew as adults together and I can’t wait to see what the future still holds for us.” – Gabriel

the couple joyfully embracing each other from behind with wide smiles on their faces and the foggy Big Sur mountains behind them
couple walking through greenery after their surprise proposal at Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, CA by film photographer AGS Photo Art
sweeping view of the green cliffs, white sand, and foamy waves of Big Sur, CA with the couple sharing a kiss after their surprise proposal at Bixby Bridge by film photographer AGS Photo Art

What Makes A Session Great

It would be telling to say that their love story is real and raw and beautiful. I’ll never get tired of hearing how my couples met, especially with Gabriel’s awesome narration! It’s this chemistry that he and Thais have built on years and years that’s made them, to date, the easiest, most organic and natural couple I’ve ever photographed! Of course, an expert photographer will be able to give direction for poses, but these two didn’t need any advice from me at all! Plus, the perfect foggy layers Big Sur is famous for gave a wonderfully soft look to their images. What makes a session great is just loving on each other and going with the flow.

the couple overlooking the waves of Big Sur by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Gabriel and Thais’ surprise proposal at the beautiful Bixby Creek Bridge was a delight to capture as a local Big Sur photographer. If you’re looking for someone to shoot your special occasions, I’m your gal! Contact me here.

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