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Wanderlust Wedding In Oakland; Private And Perfect | Erin & Marc

the bride and groom's wedding reception in Joaquin Miller Park where they and their officiant are surrounded by mossy trees

I’m so in love with Erin and Marc’s intimate, wanderlust wedding in Oakland! From their beautiful first look in Joaquin Miller Park to their incredibly tailored ceremony, this was truly one special day for the ages. I’m glad Erin and Marc are such an adventurous duo because boy oh boy, was this small wedding was full of big twists and turns!

Roadblocks As A COVID Couple

This COVID couple was originally set to tie the knot in July at Lake Tahoe. While I would’ve loved to photograph them there, we’re all delighted with how their wanderlust wedding in Oakland turned out- just lovely! Erin and Marc had gone through a bad experience with their previous photographer. Not to mention to all the roadblocks being a COVID couple brings. They came to me by referral a week before their wanderlust wedding, and we knew it was meant to be through our talks on the phone making sure their special day was still everything they wanted it to be.

Wanderlust Wedding In Oakland, CA wedding detail photos of the bride and groom's rings plus a clay piece with the couple's intitials, E-V-M by film photographer AGS Photo Art

First Look At Joaquin Miller Park

The left photo is of bride walking under a moss-covered tree holding her bouquet; the center photo is the view of the rustic woodland trails in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, CA; the right photo is the groom smiling at the camera with a tunnel of trees and branches in the background
The bridge and groom, and their officiant in rustic woodland trails of Joaquin Miller Park by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Joaquin Miller Park is full of these rustic woodland trails with lovely lighting that led us through groves and streams. I was enamored by everything it had to offer for Erin and Marc’s first look! These two are truly wanderers at heart and perfect soulmates. It was so touching to witness their joyful tears as they cried in each other’s arms.

The bridge, groom, and officiant in Oakland's Joaquin Miller Park
The groom looking out into the forest of Joaquin Miller Park while his bride approaches him from behind for their first look
soft focus light and forest in the background of the bridge and groom's reception

Toasts To The Bride & Groom

Bride and groom's attire for their wanderlust wedding in Oakland; the bride in her white gown with a scallop neckline and bouquet of pink roses and other white flowers. The groom smiling in a cream, navy and orange dress shirt by film photographer AGS Photo Art

I think it’s a uniquely romantic experience to get ready and be wedded in your own home. Erin and Marc made sure that neither of them saw each other until it was time. His Hawaiian shirt was such an awesome touch! And their adorable dogs- who were also their ring bearer and flower girl- were wearing adorable little bandanas! After each toast throughout the ceremony, Erin and Marc gave their friends different wines they made themselves! They also Zoomed their family during the ceremony which I thought was incredibly heartwarming.

Two adorable dogs with their wedding bandanas, one reading "Best Dog", the other reading "Dog of Honor" by film photographer AGS Photo Art
Wedding guests toasting small glass jars of wine; the mucisian for the reception playing his guitar and singing
The bride and groom dancing surrounded by friends, family, and the mucisian by film photographer AGS Photo Art
The wooden and white guest book for the couple's wanderlust wedding in Oakland; a black Shiba Inu looking up curiously at the camera
A view of a long road outside the couple's private Oakland, CA wedding; a portrait of the smiling bride in her backyard; a close up of peaches in the tree by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Windows And Equipment Are Replaceable, Memories Are Not

the bride and groom smiling and laughing while holding their wine glasses during their wanderlust wedding in Oakland

Remember when I said Erin and Marc’s wanderlust wedding in Oakland was full of big twists and turns? Just when we were all heading back to photograph wedding portraits, we discovered to our horror that our cars were broken into! Talk about scary, but thank goodness for AAA insurance, am I right? I’m just thankful to have been prepared with my cameras on my person since I’m never on the job without them. Rather than photographing wedding portraits, and because of their beautiful first look at Joaquin Miller Park, I got to shoot their first dance instead!

The bride and groom with their friends, family and mucisian in their backyard for their wanderlust wedding in Oakland at home by film photographer AGS Photo Art

I’m still beyond honored to have been Erin and Marc’s photographer for their intimate, wanderlust wedding in Oakland, not to mention beyond excited for our future sessions together too! We are getting those wedding portraits one way or another, friends, nothing will stop us!

The bride and group arm in arm after their wanderlust wedding in Oakland with their masks on, the groom's being black and reading "groom" and the bride's being white and lacy

Looking for a seasoned wedding photographer who’s ready for anything, and I mean ANYTHING? I’m your gal. Let’s make that special day one for the ages! Contact me here.

The bride and groom celebrating their wanderlust wedding reception in Oakland's Joaquin Miller Park by throwing pink flower petals into the air by film photographer AGS Photo Art
The bride's arm wrapped behind her groom's back, focus on her wedding ring

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  1. Kristin says:

    So sweet! Love the dog bandanas and his funky shirt! Looks like this intimate wedding in the woods was full of love and heart.

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