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Carmel California Engagement Session | Amber + Kyle


Amber and Kyle’s sunset Carmel, California engagement session moved me and filled me with so much sentimentality! I was honored to photograph this service member couple. Amber is a nurse and Kyle is in the military and I admire all that they do for others.

Since Kyle is in the military, both of them experience time separated from each other. This made their shoot more sweet (and the pictures even more meaningful!). I am beyond honored that Amber chose me to photograph them. She and Kyle are both so proactive and ready for anything that gets thrown their way. Whatever it is, they’ll face it together!


How They Met

“Kyle is best friends with my older brother. I always thought he was cute. I thought he would never date me because he did not want to jeopardize his friendship with my brother. Kyle came to my birthday party in 2017 when he was in town for the holidays and finally asked me out that night.” – Amber


How He Proposed

“I was going to Fort Baker Park to what I thought was to celebrate my brother’s 40th birthday. When I was wandering around the pier with my brother and sister-in-law, I saw Kyle come down from a hill. I knew as soon as I saw him that he was going to propose. He surprised me by flying home that weekend. After the proposal, we had a picnic with our immediate family.” – Amber


Sunset Engagement Session

One unique detail is that Kyle wears a metal band with the initials of fallen soldiers to honor them. It was so sweet to see him incorporate others into their engagement portraits. What a beautiful way to remember loved ones.

Part of being a wedding photographer is being able to direct couples to help remove awkwardness or jittery nerves. However, they didn’t need any direction from me on natural and playful prompts for their sunset Carmel, California engagement session! 


Military Couple

I could really feel the love and romance behind every smile and every embrace they shared. Their embrace seemed as if it would be the last time they’d be able to do so for a while. They really went all out for each other, both having the time of their lives adventuring through Carmel with the sunset glowing golden overhead. 


COVID-19 Couple

It’s easy to see the things they love about the other. While capturing their timeless moments, you could pick up on the peace Amber feels with him and the joy Kyle feels with her. 

I cannot even begin to express how much I admire their determination and perseverance. Their unconditional love and commitment to each other is front and center. Despite pushing back their wedding date due to COVID and having to adhere to an uncertain military schedule, their optimism going forward is just SO inspirational!


I’m so excited to be with them on their wedding journey! Their 2021 wedding will be at the Cooper Molera Barns in downtown Monterey. There’s nothing that’ll stop these two!

I would love to photograph your next engagement session! Contact me here.

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