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Five Details Every Bride Should Bring To Her Wedding

Details every Bride Should Bring To Their Wedding

Today we’re reviewing five details every bride should bring to her wedding. It goes without saying that every bride wants her wedding to be a smashing success! After all, being able to look back on your wedding album and relive the big day is part of the investment for you and your partner’s future together.

Over the years here in Monterey, I’ve nailed down a list of little details with big payoffs that will really contribute to your special day and make it that much more special. Your love story is yours, so you owe it to yourself to not let the little details fall by the wayside. Here are some of those little details:

Big Sur elopement cute postcard bride brings to beach wedding

Two Copies of Your Wedding Invitations

Disney invitations character Big Sur River Inn wedding details - every bride should bring invitations to their wedding

First of all, they’re a work of art in and of themselves! Wedding invitations are the perfect visuals to open within your wedding album! Like this sweet Disney inspired wedding invitation from a wedding at Big Sur River Inn.

Whether it’s the line weight of the calligraphy, the texture of the paper, the gorgeous imagery, invitations are special. (I’m a sucker for holding onto birthday cards from friends and family.) I think saving your wedding invitations has that same sentimental romantic factor! Ultimately, while they save the date in the moment, they’re also preserving the date for you and your lover down the road.

Classic gold wedding details downtown Philadelphia PA

Special Mementos

Secondly, where did you go on your first date? A concert? A movie? A game? Tickets are little timestamps of those moments- perfect for bringing to your wedding!

Or maybe they’re handwritten love notes, or collectibles like magnets from countries you’ve visited together! Whatever your personal keepsakes are, they have a place at your wedding. They’re like time machines to every wonderful day leading up to this one. No science fiction required!

groom reading vows by window pancake cufflinks

Family Heirlooms

every bride should bring family heirloom details to their wedding like this embroidered purse at Squaw Creek Resort Wedding

Third, be it something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue, family heirlooms are the perfect way to make your wedding day timeless. I’ve seen the most beautiful sew-ins on brides’ dresses, ones you won’t find in a bridal store!

Your beloved grandmother’s ring is another great one! In the same vein, my favorite story behind family heirlooms is a purse from Molly and JJ’s wedding. This thing is insane! It not only had their initials, but the initials of Molly and JJ’s parents, grandparents, and so forth, and so on. It’s like a family tree on a purse!

classic summer wedding family heirloom brides pearls and generational rings Holman Ranch California

Textural Details

rosary beads spanish style textural wedding details Mission Basilica and Quail Lodge Carmel

Ribbons and lace and tulle, oh my! The storyline of your wedding can really shine with these great pull-ins woven in. Bigger, grander constituents may take the spotlight but don’t underestimate the little guys!

i love you cufflinks and heirloom mink romantic warehouse wedding details
brides black and white classic themed wedding details at the Pomme Philadelphia PA photos by AGS Photo Art

Handwritten Wedding Vows

brides handwritten wedding vows and notes Big Sur wedding

Last but certainly not least, you just can’t mimic the emotion conveyed in handwriting the same way in text! You and your lover’s handwriting will really individualize the vows you’ve designed for one another.

Plus, in photographs, those vows are captured for forever! Nothing says safekeeping like a photograph. Moreover, written wedding vows are a foundational keepsake and lovely reminder of your love for your partner!

I hope this list of five details every bride should bring to her wedding gave you some ideas! Please feel free to get in touch and we can make your special day truly yours together! And be sure to tune in for more tips and tricks for the future too! Next up is shooting wedding details!

If you want me to shoot your next Monterey, Carmel, or Big Sur wedding and its beautiful details, contact me here!

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