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Family Session: Choosing A Location


Today, we are specifically covering family session: choosing a location. How is it already December?! This year flew by. In the spirit of the holidays, we’re talking about family portrait sessions. We’ll be sure to cover various aspects to this throughout the month.


Location, Location, Location…

Being a family portrait photographer local to Carmel and Big Sur, there are a variety of different locations available for family sessions. The beach offers beautiful coastal images with dramatic landscapes. The mountains can be redwoods or eucalyptus trees. And the valleys provide beautiful golden slopes! There are so many locations to choose from here! Even the Monterey fog can offer some beautiful dramatic photographs for family portrait photography.


Home Life

Whenever I meet a new client considering a portrait session, I like to ask what their home’s environment looks like. After listening to their description, as a family portrait photographer, I like to offer an alternative to their landscape. If they live inland, would they prefer a beach backdrop? Sometimes using the opposite type of location can be a helpful indicator for their session in portrait photography.


Home As The Venue

Another question I like to ask as a family portrait photographer is if they’re from out of town. Then I follow up with where they’ll be staying. Sometimes the venues and hotels that people stay at are a perfect place for family portrait sessions. It’s totally up to what kind of atmosphere and location they want to create.

Being a local photographer to Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley, and Big Sur, these locations offer so many different types to choose from! I love helping my clients choose what the best place is for them and their family portrait session.


Stay tuned since next week we’ll be covering what to wear in these family portrait sessions.


Lastly, are you planning any family portrait sessions? I loved covering family session: choosing a location. I would love to be your family portrait photographer! Contact me here.

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