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Folktale Winery Proposal In Carmel By The Sea | Kenny & Tate

Engagement at the Beautiful Folktale Winery in Carmel, CA with green vineyards and rolling trees in the background by film photographer AGS Photo Art

Dallas lovers Kennie and Tate had the sweetest proposal at the beautiful Folktale Winery right here in Carmel, followed by beach portraits at Big Sur’s Garrapoda State Park! These two love all things wine, particularly sauvignon blanc or rosé for Tate. Naturally, Folktale Winery was a perfect choice! And as a photographer in the area, I have special connections with this beautiful and romantic venue. Perks of having a local Carmel proposal photographer on your team! Read on for Kennie and Tate’s Folktale Winery engagement plus more photos at Garrapoda State Park Beach!

man on one knee proposing to his fiancée in the vineyards of Folktale Winery, they celebrate their engagement with a kiss
portrait of a woman in the Folktale Winery gardens from the shoulders down with a focus on her engagement ring, side by side with another portrait of the woman now from the waist up in her fiancé's arms

Their Love Story

Kennie and Tate have known each other since high school. They tried dating a whopping TEN years ago but it wasn’t until last year that they really reconnected. Now they’re engaged! Since Tate’s father is a jeweler, he actually hand-selected the diamond for his daughter’s ring with Kennie and made it custom just for her. Isn’t that amazing? What a fun way to get some father-son-in-law bonding in the day! Nothing like making something absolutely perfect for your favorite girl! The ring is STUNNING. What a gorgeous pick for this Folktale Winery engagement!

soft focus engagement ring with an oval cut, the background shows blurred wine grapes from Folktale Winery

The Folktale Winery Engagement

I loved photographing Kennie and Tate’s sweet strolling through the vineyard. The wine gardens are truly a beautiful and idyllic spot for a proposal. Kennie thought so too, in fact, once he led her to the perfect place to get on one knee, that’s exactly what he did! To say she was overwhelmed with joy from this surprise proposal during this Folktale Winery engagement would be an understatement.

man proposing at Folktale Winery in the gardens, side by side with a portrait of the couple in each other's arms surrounded by wildlife on a trail

Garrapoda State Park Beach: The Adventure Package

Our next stop in this sweet surprise proposal was heading to Garrapoda State Park Beach at the northern end of Big Sur. As a Big Sur local myself, I adore photographing all sorts of lovely occasions here! The stretching coastline and redwood forests make for the most picturesque backgrounds for couple’s portraits. Since they signed up for the Adventure Package, that came with champagne and a picnic blanket for cuddles on the beach.

couple sharing a kiss at Garrapoda State Park Beach after their engagement at Folktale Winery in Carmel, CA by film photographer AGS Photo Art
couple portraits at Folktale Winery and Garrapoda State Park Beach where they are opening a bottle of wine and holding wine glasses by film photographer AGS Photo Art
After their Folktale Winery engagement, the couple goes to Garrapoda State Park Beach in Big Sur where they stand in each other's arms and look out at the waves

After all was said and done, the next day Kennie and Tate also dropped by The Cottage which is where I work and got to see sneak peeks of their Folktale Winery and Garrapoda State Park Beach engagement photos. I highly recommend this! Picking frames and being able to see them in person and touch them is something you can’t experience the same online. You’re always welcome to pop in and say hello! I love it when we can all sit back and relax with some chocolate chip cookies and see the magic in action!

surprise engagement couple walking hand in hand happily on the sand at Garrapoda State Beach Park in Big Sur, CA by film photographer AGS Photo Art

It was an absolute delight to be Kennie and Tate’s local Carmel photographer for their Folktale Winery engagement. If you’d like to have YOUR proposal at either of this gorgeous venue, I’m your boots on the ground! Contact me here and let’s make it happen!

couple running and dancing joyfully in the sand Garrapoda State Park Beach in Big Sur, CA after their engagement at Folktale Winery

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