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Love Yourself: A Special In-Home Boudoir Portrait Session


In-Home Boudoir Portrait Sessions

People tend to get uncomfortable at the mention of a boudoir portrait session. They picture themselves exposed and photographed by a stranger in a hotel room. They also tend to consider all of the things they are insecure about in their bodies. It doesn’t have to be that way! I did a very cozy and comfortable in-home boudoir session with Sarah, and we both had so much fun. She explained the look she wanted and I worked with her to execute it exactly how she envisioned!

How We Met

I photographed Sarah and Josh’s beautiful wedding in 2015 right outside of Pennsylvania (where I’m originally from!). It was a stunning wedding and I loved connecting with Sarah and Josh! When I moved away, I didn’t know if we’d be able to get together again, so I was really excited when Sarah reached out about a boudoir session. She had two babies and wanted to plan an in-home boudoir portrait session during the day before Josh came home from work. So on one of my trips to the East Coast, I scheduled a boudoir session with her!

In-Home Boudoir Portrait Session Style


Your boudoir style can be anything you want! You may opt for lingerie, lacy robes, or cozy sweaters. We can make anything look sexy! Sarah chose an oversized white button-up shirt, and we photographed everything on film. She showed me a mood board of photographs that inspired her and I chose to play with harsh light to help capture her vision! We chose to do the session in her bedroom of their new home and curated a lifestyle feel to the photographs.

black-and-white-film- legs-boudoir-session-ags-photo-art

Why Do Boudoir?

To be honest, there is never a perfect time to do a boudoir shoot! We all feel insecure about our bodies at some point. But what is important is capturing different pieces of time. Maybe it’s a celebration of your body for your fortieth birthday, maybe it’s an anniversary gift, or maybe it’s a way to honor your body before or after kids. Regardless, it’s so important to experience a boudoir portrait session- even if it’s just for yourself! There’s something really empowering about it.

Valentine’s Day is coming up so quickly! I would love to photograph your next in-home boudoir portrait session. Contact me here.

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