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MPCC Engagement Session | Jill & Ryan

I was SO over the moon to photograph Jill and Ryan’s MPCC engagement session in Pebble Beach! There can never be enough special occasions for me to be a couple’s MPCC wedding photographer. The Monterey Peninsula Country Club is a private beach house that is such a dreamy venue both for Jill and Ryan’s engagement AND wedding! Read on for more!

landscape photo from MPCC Engagement Session
black and white MPCC Engagement Session portrait of the couple walking along the rocks by the water
smiling couple portraits at Pebble Beach with a focus on the bride-to-be's engagement ring as she rests her hand on her fiancé's shoulder

The Proposal: Before The MPCC Engagement Session

“I proposed on December 16, 2020! The ring arrived from FedEx that day and I was planning to wait until Christmas. I wrapped it up as a Christmas present to myself in order to surprise Jill but my sister, who was in on the proposal, was encouraging me not to wait. Jill even said herself that ‘waiting until Christmas to enjoy a present you got for yourself is silly’ (having bought herself a number of presents during the Black Friday sales that she had been enjoying…). So while we were having lunch and watching TV, I opened ‘my present’ aka the ring, got down on one knee and asked Jill to marry me. Jill, who is not easy to surprise, was very surprised! To the point where she (very eloquently) responded ‘yeah, sure’. It was honestly very sweet and perfect, especially since Jill specifically told me she didn’t want a big, public proposal with lots of fanfare. I’d say I delivered in that department!” – Ryan

ring from MPCC Engagement Session on top of a rock
MPCC wedding photographer engagement session in Pebble Beach
couple on the boardwalk and walking along the rocks to the water at Pebble Beach

MPCC Wedding Photographer

Jill and Ryan have been together since February 2019, so just about two-and-a-half years now. Now we’re here at their MPCC engagement session in Pebble Beach! I loved spending the day with them photographing their MPCC engagement session and finding similar personalities in them to myself. Can’t speak enough to how important engagement photography is for couples and photographers alike because of this very reason! After all, my goal is to get to know my couples as best I can so I can photograph their day as if we’ve been friends all along.

engagement session portraits at Pebble Beach by the water
Del Monte Forest and Pebble Beach engagement session photoshoot
couple portraits in green fields and along the beach

What Do You Love Most About Your Partner?

“Ryan’s sense of humor, openness and honesty, commitment to doing the right thing, and willingness to work on himself. I love and very much value that we can balance each other out. For example, when I get stressed out and anxious, he can reason with me, and I try to do the same.” – Jill

engagement session in the forest
MPCC engagement ring in the sand

“Jill is as intelligent as she is beautiful and I love her sense of humor too! I love our compatibility. Like she said, I think we really complement and cover for each other. We’re each other’s support systems and that’s really valuable to me.” – Ryan

Pebble Beach engagement photography portraits along the boardwalk
bride-to-be smiling at the camera while her fiancé smiles at her

MPCC Engagement Session Photography

I photographed Jill and Ryan all along 17 Mile Drive for all the pretty forest and coastline textures. There are lots of hidden trails that I’ve scoped out that I’m always pumped to take my couples to. It’s part of the adventure! Pebble Beach has no shortage of gorgeous places whether you find yourself in the great outdoors or at the gorgeous Monterey Peninsula Country Club!

couple walking away from the camera towards the beach
a couple at Pebble Beach smiling at the camera and at each other
couple portrait from MPCC Engagement Session in Pebble Beach

Did you know? I’ve photographed Jill’s brother, Bill, and his wife Morgan throughout their love story too- from their engagement in Carmel Beach, to their wedding at Tehama, and most recently, their maternity session in Big Sur. Family referrals like these are so precious to me and I can’t fully articulate what an honor it is to work within your circle of loved ones!

MPCC Engagement Session couple portraits
MPCC Engagement Session photo of the couple's hands holding each other's

If you’re looking for an MPCC wedding photographer, you’ve found her! Contact me here. I’d love to get to know you and photograph your special occasions!

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