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What Happens When You Build A Genuine Relationship With Your Photographer!


How does a bride Build A Genuine Relationship with her photographer? You meet one whose style they admire and then decides to book with their best option. But then what? There are so many critical things you can do to build a relationship! Today, I’m sharing a few ways to Build A Genuine Relationship with your photographer. From a local Carmel wedding photographer to their brides, it’s so important if you want not only beautiful images but images that speak to who you are as a couple.


How To Build A Genuine Relationship: It’s All About Trust!


Few brides want to have a stranger capture the most intimate moments on their wedding day! It’s so important to communicate with your photographer prior to the wedding day and try to make sure they understand your expectations. Every day leading up to the wedding is all about building trust. Here are some questions you can ask or topics you can cover with photographers to help establish this trust (as a local Carmel wedding photographer, I always cover these with my brides!):

  • Your vision for the wedding day
  • What you want the photographer to capture most
  • What you want the picture styles to look like
  • Wedding images that inspire you
  • Specific people you want photographed
  • How you handle stress and if you enjoy being photographed
  • Tips to make the groom comfortable

Tell Your Genuine Story

One thing I always want to hear from my couples as their local Carmel wedding photographer is their unique story. Each couple has their own version of how they met, what they love about each other, and all of the events leading up to the wedding day. That is vital information that I want to know! This helps me get to know you two as a couple as well as apply the knowledge in your wedding day photography.

For example, if I know that you two met while dancing, then I’ll know that you’ll want some key images from your reception together since dancing was an important part of your story. Another example is if I were to photograph a lot of details from your wedding, but in reality, you wanted more images of your grandmother. Communicating expectations prior to the big day help me make the best decisions for you and know where to focus my time as your wedding photographer.


Let’s Be Friends!

It’s difficult to get to know a client in only two conversations prior to the wedding day, so I really make a point to try to get to know my couples. Maybe what you can do is follow your photographer on Instagram, connect with them on social media, or reach out to touch base more than the minimum amount. The more I know about my clients, the better I can deliver on their wedding day. The better I can deliver, the happier you are! We all win.



The tips we covered for building a relationship with your photographer are key topics to communicate to build trust, a chance to share your story, and emphasized the relationship. As a local Carmel wedding photographer, I think all of my couples were people I was meant to meet on this earth. I am so grateful for them and each of their stories!


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  1. Audrey says:

    Beautiful photography! I am helping my sister plan her wedding so I will share these great tips! I think it’s so sweet how the photographer feels like he was meant to meet every couple. It must be an honor to be a part of so many special occasions.

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