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Tips and Tricks: How To Make Working From Home Work As A Monterey Photographer

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As a modern-day working from home Monterey photographer, we have the best of both worlds. Most of us can work from home during the week and then go out on weekends to shoot anniversaries, engagements, and weddings. Life is great! Since I usually have an office that I go to each day and now that I am living that “work from home” life. I want to share some tips and tricks for those that are doing the same and want to learn about how I am adjusting to working from home here in Monterey, California. Here are my Monterey photographer tips and tricks for working from home and staying productive and sane…

Get Ready for the Day

It is so hard to feel motivated when I’m in pajamas all day and have yet to shower. Something I am committing myself to is a shower in the mornings and to put on makeup even if I’m staying home. It helps to feel presentable even if we’re self-quarantining. I realized that even being at home I NEED to feel like I’m going somewhere even if it’s only to the other room now called “my office”. That and Jonathan is able to look at a pretty girl all day 😉 win-win!


Block Your Time

Have you heard of time blocking? It’s where you designate a specific block of time in your day to focus on one task. This is easiest if your phone isn’t within range. This way you don’t see the notifications or have your phone on do not disturb. You essentially commit that block of time to one goal and focus on it without distractions. I use a great tool to help me chunk out time called Pomodoro timer. I like to have my daily tasks and chunks listed out beforehand. When it comes time to working there are no questions about what I need to do.

In my Monterey photographer days, especially during this quarantine, it looks like this: Time block #1 wake up at 6:30 am have my morning coffee with Jonathan. I’ll read my book and eat breakfast. Next, I’ll check e-mails, and move my body. I’ll go running, do a quick HIIT workout, or something. I shower and get ready for the day. Time block #2 The next step is to move forward with the designated project/task for an allotted time in the mid-morning. Time block #3 consists of any appointments for album designs, calls with clients, or errands. It’s important to focus on one thing at a time!

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Create Goals for the Week

On Fridays, I designate some time to do a brain dump. I make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished for that next week before I delegate which days I will focus on what task. On Monday I will mark off which day’s I will do what, and I limit myself to a couple of goals a day so that I do not create burnout as a Monterey photographer. When I accomplish a task, I make sure to affirm myself so that I can feel successful! These are things I’ve been learning working from home as a Monterey Photographer.

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I hope these tips and tricks are helpful! I know working from home can be difficult in the beginning, but you became accustomed to solidarity. It’s also important to have some FaceTime with others throughout the day! I try my best here in Monterey. It helps you feel less alone.

We can FaceTime if you want! Contact me here.

And don’t worry these photos were taken by the Amazing Quianna Marie a few months ago xoxo no less than 6 ft happened here during this quarantine 🙂

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