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Everything You Need To Know To Prepare For An Amazing Rainy Wedding Day


One of the worst-case scenarios for brides is to see a rainy weather forecast for their wedding day. It’s tempting to jump to panic (just how much exactly are rain tents?!), but in today’s blog, I’m bringing all of my years of experience at weddings to you. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to here in Carmel, California, here are some tips and tricks on everything you need to know to prepare for an amazing rainy wedding day!

Make Two Timelines

When you’re planning your wedding with your coordinator, be sure to build two different timelines. You’ll want a timeline in case there is no rain and a rain plan timeline for if the storm comes. If you have an outdoor ceremony location as your priority, then you’ll want a plan for an indoor ceremony location as well. This means that you’ll also want to arrange for your wedding rehearsal to include practicing both productions. This wedding was taken place in Carmel, California at Gardener Ranch.


Have Two Portrait Sessions Times

When you’re building your timeline, you’ll also want to allow for two different portrait sessions. The first session should be earlier in the day and the second session should be later in the day. This accounts for if it rains in the morning or the afternoon and you can adjust your timeline accordingly. This might alter your thoughts on a First Look, but it might be the best decision for your day.


Do A First Look

Be sure to do a first look! By doing your first look, you ensure that you’ll have beautiful portraits of you two prior to the wedding celebrations begin. Your makeup and hair will be completed, you and your groom will be fully dressed, and you’ll get to see each other at your very best. Here’s a post about why you should do more First Looks here! This gives you the opportunity to have a Plan A session time. And Plan B could be after the ceremony during your cocktail hour. This sweet wedding was in Monterey, California a the Santa Catalina School.


Scout Out Locations BEFORE The Wedding Day

If your photographer is ahead of the game, they might be suggesting to visit the venue prior to your day. If they’re like me they’ll be scouting out locations that offer coverings, indoor spots that could accommodate small and large parties, like your bridal party, family, and couples portraits.

If your photographer has been to that venue before they should have a pretty good idea of where to go. When I travel to a destination wedding, I am there 48 before the rehearsal dinner. Why? So I can scout out locations, see the light and make sure all things are in place for your big day, just in case. I’m investing in your big day too and I want it to go as smoothly as possible.


Buy Rain Gear in Bulk

Be sure to order umbrellas in bulk for your wedding guests. You can also order different ones for your wedding party (one per pair). And even if there is no rain in the forecast, I always encourage my couples to invest in really cute rain boots! Like this wedding here in Carmel, California. Jen ordered in bulk! Some companies even monogram rain boots to make them more customized. Guess what if it doesn’t rain, then you can return the umbrellas and keep the super cute boots a memory!

I have had brides that were told they would have a 100% chance of rain on their wedding day and ended up with no rain at all! I have also had brides that unexpectedly had rain, too! The hardest part of my job is predicting the weather so if you want more ideas on how to plan for a rainy wedding day or are looking for a photographer reach out to me here. I would love to photograph your wedding and help you!


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